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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  April 14, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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on is taking action to prevent it from ever happening again. it is a matter that is weighing heavily on the minds of travelers. our air traffic controllers awake while planes are trying to land? >> it is ridiculous. >> it is scary. >> from washington, d.c., to texas, seattle, and now we know, air traffic controllers have been falling asleep on overnight shifts. two incidents happened this week alone. >> safety is always our number one priority. we will not rest until every control tower in this country has controllers that are doing their job. >> effective immediately, 26 key airports will have an extra person working the overnight shift. the union represents the air traffic controllers says this is what it has wanted all along. >> anything can happen to a person working in a place by themselves.
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it is important that they have somebody there to relieve them to take a break if necessary. >> at reagan national airport today, travelers are stunned that those in charge of landing airplanes at night continued to fall asleep. >> it looks like it is pre- planned that they will sleep. it is scary. >> we rely on them to be awake. >> that faa controller continues a suspension while the agency investigates. >> thank you. the suspect in a bombing is now in police custody. we are learning now more about a letter he wrote before the shooting. he is accused of killing one person and injuring another at a barbershop. we have the latest. >> right behind us in the house
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is where the suspect was staying. today we talked to his roommate. the roommate did tell us about the letters and also, he told us about a gun that was allegedly found in his house. >> the officer knocked on my door and went into my house. >> did they find the band? >> yes. >> did they find it in the house? >> yes. >> the alleged gunman gave him eight letters to mail. they may explain the motive in yesterday's bloody barbershop shooting which she says was all about fitting. a month ago two barbers threw away his lunch. >> i told them, you cannot throw any food away that belongs to somebody. >> after a verbal confrontation he quit his job and went back to vietnam. he recently returned, still holding a grudge.
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it was settled yesterday. he entered the barbershop and opened fire, killing two barbers and injuring one. >> he is crazy. >> a shopkeeper next door saw the aftermath and today she says she is relieved the suspect turned himself in. >> at least we know there is not a random killer out there someone who might come back and finish whatever job he started. >> the deceased was a single 39- year-old who lived in a town house with extended family. >> it is very sad to see him go. >> the roommate of the suspect says that the suspect had asked to be cremated if anything happened to him. reporting live, abc-seven years. >> thank you. the director of the local recreation center has been charged with assaulting a child during a basketball game. this was in alexandria. last night around 7:00, he was
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arrested after an alleged physical altercation with an 11- year-old boy. gordon is charged with one count of assault and battery. >> schools are saying no more outside food can be brought into classes. a high-school student got sick from what might have been a tainted cupcake. we're live now from frederick high-school with the story. >> tasty treat or doped desert? police and the school say they do not know, but do not even think about sharing the sand which you brought with you to school. >> during the lunch hour yesterday, a scary scene. a 15-year-old was carried to the hospital after sharing a cupcake with two other students. >> the administration was suspicious about what the cupcake might have contained. they conjectured that it might have been an illegal substance of some kind. >> you never know that it could
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happen to you. it is freaky. >> the suspect may have been laced with pot, but since the kids ate it all, there is no way to know for sure. there is controversy over a new policy announced that students and parents cannot bring food items to school for sharing. >> if i forget my lunch and my friend gives me some of his, am i going to be in trouble? >> it will be difficult, yes. >> parents stopped short of calling it an overreaction, but seemed skeptical. >> i understand they are in a position where they feel responsible for the kids' safety. >> i think it is unfortunate that we cannot share fayed. >> as for students -- >> i think it is outrageous that we cannot bring food anymore. >> i think if you know the person well enough -- >> right. if you are friends or something. i would not have a stranger's
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cupcake. >> it is never a good idea to take a cupcake from a stranger. the share of's office says they have no plans to 5 -- the sheriff's office as they have no plans to file charges. the girl was taken to the hospital and released. she was taken home today to rest. >> thank you. as you saw, we had some sunshine out there today. it was a beautiful spring day all around the area, but how long is that going to last? let's see what the weather center has to say about that. >> looked out to the west. there is a strong cold front that is going to make sure this beautiful weather pattern does not last a whole lot longer. first up, let's look at our weather camera. during the day, just a few high clouds passing through, that is it. this camera gives us a great view of thunderstorms approaching. right now that is the last
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thing on our mind. it is sunshine and gorgeous temperatures. it is 73 degrees on the campus of george washington university. 69 in the city. our forecast for the rest of this evening, sunny, warm, plus temperatures falling to the 50's. what exactly will happen this weekend? i will tell you all about it in just a couple of minutes. >> a good time transformed a minnesota city into an island. residents evacuated this week. the river is not expected to crest until tomorrow. some roads could be impossible for the next two weeks. officials are also keeping a close watch on river levels. >> we are following new developments in the hunt for a possible serial killer. the fbi used a specially outfitted plane to search for
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more bodies near the south shore of long island. at least four of the 10 victims were found on craigslist. one mother says a long island doctor told her that the killer stayed at a halfway house he and his wife owned just before he vanished. the white denies that. >> we have never met her. we have never treated her. we do not treat rehab patients here. >> police have cleared hackett of any involvement. meanwhile, divers have found -- have returned to the water where the bodies were found. >> last week the government averted a shutdown. today, lawmakers funded the government through november. president obama says he will sign the bill.
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still, this evening some are questioning just how much the new plan will shave off of this year's deficit. ahead, we will find out what survived and what got the ax in the latest budget battle. gas prices continued to rise. the national average is nearing four dollars per gallon. unleaded is up $0.90 from just one week ago. >> it turns out this is the end of an era in daytime television. nbc announced today it is canceling longtime soap operas all my children bj abc announced today it is canceling longtime soap operas all my children and one life to live. >> for many fans, the characters on these shows are like family. one of the soap operas has been on the air for 40 years. the goodbye will be hard. all my children came into our lives in 1970. two years earlier one life to
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live debuted. these renowned daytime dramas chronicled the lives of some of the most iconic characters in television history including eric decane, played by susan lucci -- erica kane, played by susan lucci. >> you feel like they are part of the everyday life style here. >> abc has announced the cancellation of both shows. >> i love them both. i cannot believe it. >> i think that is terrible. i like one life to live. >> all my children will be replaced by a food show. one life to live will be replaced by a health and lifestyle transformation show. soap opera fans we spoke with say they understand the need for new, innovative programming. >> that would be ok if they
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would surrounded around weight control and how people can eat healthy. >> one network executive called the decision bittersweet, but stressed that daytime audiences are yearning for authentic relative -- relevant programming. do not worry. general hospital is not being canceled. >> coming up, dramatic pictures from the parkway after a pact school bus catches on fire. hear from a student on board. >> a woman who witnessed a mother driver vehicle into the hudson river with her child inside. we will hear what she
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>> for a 15-year-old amputee from the eastern shore the problem posed a bit of a dilemma. >> but thanks to some doctors he got a new hand today just in time for the party. >> his mom says he always help
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out around the house taking out the trash, doing dishes. while helping his uncle installs something, he cut off his hand. but this young man has triumphed in the face of tragedy. >> is a good feeling. this is something new. i took it as it was. >> his accident left him sometimes self-conscious. >> i think somebody is looking at me when they are not. >> other times frustrated. but john jacobs jumped him ahead of the line and got him a new hand in time for prawnom. >> it shows me that someone else cares enough to go out and make this possible. >> he says he will use it to go out and help others that face
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adversity. >> there are opportunities, and i want them to know that. >> for prom, he will go with a girl who thinks she is not pretty enough. >> i am not perfect. >> he will show her that love is not all about looks or hands, and that it overcomes imperfections. >> stop chasing those clouds. believe that something else beyond this is going to take us away, it is not. if you believe, things will happen. that is what happened to me today. >> the hand will cost around $25,000. so far the family has raised $10,000. if you want to know how you can help, check out our website. >> thank you for that.
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seven is on your side with a massive safety recall for truck drivers. ford is expanding its recall of at-150 trucks that include the 2004-2006 models. defective air bags can go off unexpectedly and have injured several drivers. drivers are revised to take the trucks in for repairs. >> it turns out in another fussy toddler is prompting a restaurant changed -- a restaurant chain to change its policy. olive garden has served a two- year old alcohol. this comes just two weeks after another restaurant served an infant a margarita instead of apple juice. >> you have to wonder how many times this has happened. >> yesterday afternoon
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firefighters found a man stranded on top of his car in the swift-moving waters of a canal. he was the 93-year-old president of the college. the car crashed through a fence dropped into the canal and floated for half a mile. he was caught in overhead cables. firefighters were able to save him with a helicopter. >> that is pretty impressive. >> what a ride. >> well. >> i wish i could change our weather pattern. we have tried. we have tried to come up with the way we could keep this whether through saturday. it is hopeless. enjoy it while it lasts. tomorrow is a transitional day and then saturday is not going to be pretty at all. clear styleskies, average high 66.
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in handing down -- a couple of miles from chesapeake bay, it is much cooler because of the breeze. the winds are going to be the reason that tomorrows temperatures at this time will be around the 60's to very low 60's. it is still 70 at the airport. 73 in fredericksburg. the temperatures today were somewhat wwarmer than yesterday. quantico has a little bit of a river breeze. it will be cooler still on saturday. just wait until you see the seven-day. this will be worth waiting for. you can see this big pattern changed. there is a big storm. 44 in denver. this indicates the possibility of severe weather, and that is what we're looking at out west.
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for the moment, we are fine. low-level moisture and easterly winds tomorrow. but there is a cold front developing. there is a severe weather outbreak under way. severe storms already are in oklahoma and the texas border. we are going to say sort of spsouth and east of this storm center, but it will draw up moisture from the atlantic, and the result will be rain on saturday heavy at times especially in the afternoon and evening. here is the good news. it looks like it will quickly crashed through the region late saturday night returning us to sunshine and fairly mild temperatures on sunday. 46 in the morning, partly cloudy with clouds increasing throughout the day.
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rain 100% probability for saturday. check this out. monday tuesday wednesday thursday, do you like what you see? temperatures back into the 70's. if you have the choice with outdoor plants, my humble suggestion is to do it on sunday. saturday you are not going to get nice weather at all. >> coming up, a food fight in the district. rest of us are going after food tracks but at what -- restaurants are going after food trucks but at what cost? >> and our countdown to oprah's last show.
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>> this is it. is the last 30 episodes of the oprah winfrey show. they are especially meaningful, because oprah has touched the lives of millions all over the world, not to mention right here in the nation's capital. an organization is working to serve some of the city's most at risk children. their biggest patron is oprah winfrey. >> in the heart of southeast washington elementary school students spend their afternoon working with some of the latest computer programs. five days a week, students have after-school tutors and activities. they stay focused and engaged through the u.s. dream academy. >> week like to serve the community. >> while poverty and crime might be rampant outside these walls inside it is an environment
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where children are nurtured encouraged and inspired. >> they tell us we can achieve our dreams. >> is a message oprah winfrey supports. in 2005, she spoke at the annual gala and then surprised everyone with a gift to the dream academy founder. >> i do not charge for speaking, for flying, and i certainly would not charge for a visit. it was one thing for me to go, but i thought what else can i do? i am going to write a check for $1 million because i believe in the dream. [applause] here is a check for $1 million, dated today. >> nine other dream academies across the country have continued the dream and achieved banks to oprah's generosity.
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today, oprah has given the program $5 million. >> can you describe the impact she has had in your organization and on the thousands of kids that you have reached? >> she has been incredible to us and to kids around the country. incredible. >> $5 million. this is just one of the many local organizations oprah commits her resources to. we will have much more on oprah's impact as we continue the countdown to her last show. >> thank you. coming up, a policy change one local school system is making to keep students safe from concussions, and students survive a burning school bus on the way to a field trip. >> a big win for voucher schools today.
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>> a scary scene on the parkway today. >> a school bus carrying students caught fire, sending students running off the bus. we're live in northwest washington with the story. >> it was a field trip. teachers wanted to give a group of eighth graders a bonding and memorable experience before they graduate and move on to high school. they certainly got a memorable experience, but it was not the one they had planned. >> the yellow school bus is a charred mess. but the students that were on board are ok. they evacuated quickly. they had to. >> you could not really see out the windows at all. >> the bus carrying 30 classmates was on its way to a confidence building rope course when it suddenly caught fire on the parkway. these fire department photos
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show how bad it got. the teacher says he and the students were off before the fire really grew. >> we were able to get the students off incredibly quickly. in like a minute. we got off very quickly. >> the students ended up waiting by the side of the highway for more than two hours for another bus to fight its way through the traffic and get them back to school. despite the ordeal, this person says he is ready to get back on board. >> we will have to go after spring break. i was looking forward to it. >> there were no injuries, but there was an awful lot of smoke. a couple of kids were treated briefly for that. we are told they are just fine. the teacher says that after spring break they are going to charter another bus to try to complete the field trip.
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>> thank you. the budget fight going on in congress has taken aim at the district. unlike the abortion funding issue, today's vote in the house is good news for schools. >> they are very happy about today's news. providing federal funds for d.c. kids to attend private and parochial schools has become a pet project for house speaker john boehner. democrats had cut back the funding, but with today's vote, funding is being restored, over the objections of the d.c. mayor and others. >> class is ended early today as teachers attended a development meeting while keeping an eye on c-span and the house of the vote. they are among those who protested cuts to the program two years ago. about one-third of their
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students receive vouchers support. the cuts meant no new students in the program. under the budget deal, the vote will fully restore the vouchers. >> those who missed out will hopefully be able to get back in the program. >> at a d.c. public school, the mayor, the aclu, naacp, and and women's groups denounced vouchers as a way to dismantle public schools. >> some people who vote for social writers would not even do these things in their own home districts. >> will medical marijuana now be back on the table? will marriage equality be back on the table? >> about half of the council are on record as supporting vouchers. after the vote was announced from the hill --
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[applause] >> the mayor can stop crying. it is a done deal now. and now the work begins. >> teachers say they hope a number of their students will be coming back. and number of them left after vouchers were cut. this may not be good news for d.c. public schools. the school system saw its first increase in enrollment this year in 40 years. >> thank you so much. now here is a look at news from around the region. dozens of area super fresh stores could soon be up for sale. the company that owns the stores recently filed for bankruptcy. the company is now asking for permission to sell super fresh stores in maryland, d.c. and delaware. if approved, the stores could be in new hands by june. customers should continue shopping at the stores during
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the process. >> a certain local business and sports leader is pitching in to help a little league group after fire destroyed their equipment. they are donating $10,000. this weekend, a fire broke out in a shed that was filled with equipment. the fire destroyed a pitching machine and other supplies. it is now being investigated as an arson. a speaker went to a high school today and spent some time with the sophomores. we talked about distracted driving and making sure that students make good decisions and that every decision they make behind the wheel is not about them. this is one of the most dangerous times of year 14 drivers. >> there is prom coming up and graduation. it is definitely an important time to get the message out. >> we have some heavy delays
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right now on the 395, heavier than usual between pentagon and another street. you are slow from dale city to triangle. let's switch the view and talk about the mess happening right now on the parkway on the northbound side just before the memorial bridge. an accident involving a pedestrian shutdown the three lanes. traffic is being diverted, and as you can see, there is a very big back up. if you are on for 95, expect heavier than usual delays. luckily, all the travel lanes are open. >> thank you. coming up restaurants versus food trucks. >> the screen series gets an update. will you die laughing? i have your weekend movies just ahead. >> major changes could be coming
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to metro. the proposals include major upgrades
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>> one of the most popular
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horror film series is back on the screen this weekend. >> and that is right "scream iv." will it deliver blood and gore? will it have you running for the theater door? >> this is like bringing back an old classic. >> it has been brought back a few times. >> 15 years ago the original screen made fun of slasher movies. now, the original cast reunites with a new set of victims. "scream iv" falls somewhere between parody and horror, and turns out to be a movie some of you will want to scream for. remember neeve campbell? she returns to her home town in time for a new series of slashes. >> does that mean i'm not going to live?
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>> may be. >> fans of the original will laugh at david arquette's clueless sheriff and courtney cox's driven tv reporter trying to figure out who is trying to bump off emma roberts and her friends. she leads a group of actors who really get the irony. note the r-rating. i give it three stars. it has a triple twist. it is your weekend best bet. it is also a big day for dvd tomorrow. the latest harry potter movie arrives, hyping interest in the summer finale. in a few days, i will talk about all of the stuff coming up for summer. >> we are looking forward to it.
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>> next, we will hear from a woman who witnessed a mother drive into the hudson river with her children inside the car. >> one local county is takin [music
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playing] america's beverage companies are working totother to put more information right up front... adding new calorie labels to every single can, bote,e, and pack they produce... so you can make the choice that's right for you.
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>> we now have an update on the breaking news from the parkway. we are live on the scene where a pedestrian was struck. >> you can see the northbound lanes of the parkway behind me. they are all backed up. some are still closed off. a woman was struck by a vehicle as she tried to cross the partly just before the memorial bridge. about 3:30 p.m. this afternoon a woman out for a walk or a job tried to cross the parkway just south of the memorial bridge. she did not make it. >> is a very dangerous crossing. you have to wait a long time. >> the woman was rushed to an area hospital. investigators combed the scene to try to figure out exactly what happened. those who use the path say it is easy to figure out.
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>> there is no underpass or overpass. it is just a matter of time and how many bodies pile up. >> a lot of joggers and cyclists we spoke to say something has to be done. they say it is a dangerous crossing. >> the need to build a pass underneath it. it is a premier community and a premier tourist spot. tourists cross every day. >> as for the woman's condition a representative from the hospital will simply say that she sustained serious injuries but at this time she is still alive. >> thank you for that. tonight, we are hearing from the good samaritan who helped a new york boy who watched his family drown in the hudson river. >> the children died when their mother drove the family car into the frigid water. at the mother, a 25-year-old woman, died as well.
5:48 pm
but one boy escaped and managed to swim to shore. this woman was driving nearby when she spotted the boy. >> before she hit the water she went into the back seat and had the kids, and said, "if we are going to die we will die together. the boy says the mother made a terrible mistake by putting the car in reverse. friends say she was going through a tough time. >> tonight, we will tell you about the action a local school is taking to protect student athletes. even a mild concussion could cause serious problems down the road. we have the story of the changes the county is making. >> schools throughout the commonwealth have a policy in place to deal with concussions by summer. for one man this new policy is personal. >> he is tackling the issue of
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concussions head on. >> you have to give the brain a chance to heal. >> he, along with school board members, are instituting a new policy. >> if it is a student athlete or a student that gets a concussion at their home, they still go through the process. >> it is a process he has learned a great deal about. his son committed suicide last fall after getting two concussions playing football. he believes there is no doubt the injuries played a role. >> it was completely out of character. to tell his story without the concussions, you really cannot. >> all students who appear to have sustained a concussion shall be given appropriate time to heal prior to returning to physical or cognitive activities and shall be fully supported until they are symptom free. >> the kids need to have some time off from school because of the injury. they will not be penalized for
5:50 pm
it. >> the policy goes further making sure symptoms are noted. training is being provided to enable rapid recognition of such an event. >> is just having the right kind of knowledge to be aware of what the symptoms are. >> there are still several details to work out like how they plan to go about getting teachers and trainers educated. when it comes to letting students stay home, the length of time will be divided -- decided on a case by case basis. >> a new sign that taking off the lbs. might actually help improve your memory. researchers found that patients improved memory function 12 weeks after a liposuction operation. this might be because obesity causes psychological changes that can harm the brain. >> speaking of changes the
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weather will not stop changing. let's get the latest. >> it is beautiful now. tomorrow will still be ok. saturday not so much. it will be a very rainy day. let's show you this. we tell you to go to our website all the time. once you get there, click on whether. we have something brand new today called interactive radar. in real time on your own computer you can get all kinds of information about rain go to the neighborhoods where you and your neighbors live. track the storm. plus, you can move anywhere across the country. it is going to be a lot of fun. i cannot wait until we get our chance to try it out in real time with some rain. temperatures will drop into the 40's tonight. severe weather is in oklahoma
5:52 pm
right now. that front will bring us a rainy day on saturday. our future cast shows the system moving to the east at a pretty good clip. there will be increasing class tomorrow and rain on saturday. it could be heavy at times. it will clean -- it will clear out, and we will be back to sunshine on sunday. >> has your blood pressure come down? >> it has come down. it is a beautiful day to enjoy a win. >> they pulled it out last night. they went into the playoffs a year ago in the same position. they got upset early. last night after each blocked shot, it was hard to think not again. last night, they played hockey they are capable of showing up when it counted. many of the capitals were back on the ice this morning just 12 hours after last night's
5:53 pm
thrilling finish. >> replayed a great game. it was great hockey. >> for the first 54 minutes the offense was turned away. >> the goalie was pitching a one-0 shutout late in the third but the capitals stayed the course. kleist's we learned how to stay focused and stick with -- >> we learned how to stay focused and stick with it. >> after a review from upstairs a pretty ugly goal. >> we had to call upstairs and find out what actually happened. >> when you get a greasy goal like that [unintelligible] >> with a little over a minute left in overtime -- >> he scores!
5:54 pm
>> it was a situation all play. i tried to get open. >> i thought that was a tremendous playoff game. it was a physical game. neither team gave an inch. it was an indication of the kind of series that this is going to be. >> all right.
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>> cupcakes, lobsters, tacos you name it, a food truck is probably out there selling it. >> and after complaints from the restaurant industry, lawmakers are considering making changes. >> there is a food fight in d.c. with brick and mortar restaurants on one side and food trucks on the other. the trucks have eaten into business, popping up anywhere anytime.
5:58 pm
their legions of fans are increasingly hungry for more. and now the brick and mortar restaurants are fighting back. they demand that the trucks charged customers the same 10% city tax of the restaurants do. they have agreed to that. >> but do not think this is the only piece of what needs to be done to help us as an industry that is making d.c. hip and interesting to the rest of the world. >> right now she says they follow the same antiquated laws as ice-cream trucks. but a representative for the restaurant says there are not enough regulations. >> of these trucks are everywhere. there is no management of them. >> bring on the food fight customers say. as long as there is good competition, they will be
5:59 pm
eating it up. they are asking both sides to get together and hash out a deal in the next couple of weeks. we hope by then everyone in this line will have been served. >> that is on now for abc seven news at 5:00. here is what is coming at 6:00. showdown over in the 2011 budget. the top lawmaker who refused to vote yes. alleged assault. a local recreation director is accused of attacking a child during a basketball game. and the fallout from sleeping air-traffic controllers. a top official has resigned. abc seven years at 6:00 starts now. >> live and in hd, this is abc-7 news at 6:00 -- on your side. >> we begin with late breaking developments in the budget battle. >> the house has approved a 2011 budget that averted


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